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Prairieland Visiting Animals Association


How to Join Prairieland Visiting Animals Association

To become a member of the Association, you needn’t have a registered visiting animal. (However, if you choose to visit with an unregistered animal, you may not represent yourself as a member of Prairieland.)

The only requirement for membership is an interest in animal visitation, and payment of minimal annual dues.

We meet about six times a year, and hold a Pet Partner® evaluation 2-3 times a year. Attendance isn’t mandatory, but it’s a great way to meet like-minded new friends!

Dues are $10 per year for individuals, or $15 per year for families, payable at joining, and at the first of the year thereafter.

Please fill out the membership form (in either Word or PDF format) and email it to information@topekavisitingpets.info. The membership form contains information on where to mail your dues check.

Once we have your membership information, we will post it on the password-protected, members-only part of our website, allowing other members to get acquainted with you and your pets (so don't forget to provide pictures!). We'll also subscribe you to the Prairieland listserv, so you will be in on all general announcements and other correspondence among the members.

Remember, you don't need a registered visitation animal (or any animal) to join and participate in Prairieland, just an interest in animal visitation. We would love to meet you!