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Prairieland Visiting Animals Association


What is Prairieland Visiting Animals Association?

Prairieland is a friendly group of folks from the heartland who are interested in promoting the human/animal bond by:

  • Providing human/animal visitation teams to healthcare facilities, schools, and other facilities that can benefit from interaction with animals
  • Conducting educational seminars and workshops
  • Promoting a mentoring program for newly registered teams
  • Providing team evaluations with evaluators licensed through the national Pet Partners® program as well as through other therapy-animal organizations
  • Promoting the benefits of animal visitation

The Association meets about six times a year, and two or more times annually it conducts evaluation events for prospective human/animal visitation teams.

If you are interested in volunteering with your animal (or just think you might be), please click on the "Team Evaluation" link at left for an overview of the steps to becoming a registered Pet Partner team.